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PREBIOTICS: The superfoods you are already eating

Probiotics are often spoken about when it comes to gut health- and with good reason. But the prebiotics that should accompany the probotics are often the unsung heroes when it comes to gut health. Prebiotics are a type of fibre that is able to pass through the digestive tract undigested and actually stimulate the growth of good bacteria within the gut. For this reason making sure that you have plenty of prebiotics in your diet is almost more important than having probiotics. Probiotics have been shown to be transient, so that when you do take a probiotic capsule, the good bacteria doesn't actually stay in our gut forever. Having the prebiotics in your diet will help to 'feed' the probiotics

Spring Detox Salad

The most important included food group is cruciferous vegetables that are excellent sources of fiber, vitamins, and minerals and are especially relevant for detoxification as they alter induction of phase one and two detoxification enzymes and protect against reactive oxygen species. ⁃ 2 carrots ⁃ 2 stalks of celery ⁃ 1/2 cup of almonds ⁃ 4 radishes ⁃ 1/2 red cabbage ⁃ 1 cucumber ⁃ 1 tomato ⁃ Mixed lettuce leaves ⁃ Mint leaves ⁃ Coriander leaves Dressing: ⁃ ¼ cup of apple cider vinegar (GET YOURS HERE) ⁃ Juice of half a lemon ⁃ ¼ cup of tamari ⁃ A swig of olive oil 1. Wash necessary foods first. 2. Dice up the vegetables 3. Mix the ingredien

Is it time for a spring detox?

Image: @jagodakondratiuk We are getting super excited about the weather finally heating up!! Warmer temperatures also mean more daylight hours, more time spent outdoors, flowers in bloom, and delicious fruits and vegetables in season. It is also an opportunity to transform ourselves for our personal growth through detoxification of the toxins built up in our diet and environment. These toxins cause poor metabolism of energy, disruption to hormones, blood glucose levels and lack of bile production that may result in the following symptoms: - Fatigue, unrelieved for sleeping 8+ hours - Poor digestion such as fat malabsorption - Food cravings - Foggy memory - Moodiness/anger - Skin problems The

Recipe of the week- Choc Whole Food Slice

A friend shared this recipe with me and it's absolutely amazing! I altered it slightly as I used what I had in the pantry but it is oh so easy and super dooper yum Ingredients: 1 cup of puffed buckwheat 1 cup of mixed nuts and seeds 1 tbsp almond butter 1 tbsp tahini 1/2 cup coconut oil 1/2 cup cacao powder 1/4 cup rice malt syrup 1/2 cup coconut flakes 1 tsp bee pollen 1 tsp maca powder 1 tsp cinnamon 1/2 cup in a berries 1/2 cup of buckwheat hearts Method: Combine all ingredients in a saucepan and then heat over low heat until the coconut oil has melted and everything is combined. Spread into a tin lined with baking paper, freeze overnight then cut into bite sized pieces the next day

Having sugar cravings? It could be coming from your gut....

Sugar cravings is one of the most common symptoms that I see in clinic. Sugar cravings can range in severity, so much so that you may not even realise that you're having cravings. If you find yourself binging on chocolate, hunting out something sweet in the afternoon or just wanting to add sugar to everything- coffee included, then you may be suffering from sugar cravings. So how does your gut impact these sugar cravings? Well it all comes down to your gut bacteria- the good and the bad. Studies have been able to contribute cravings, including sugar cravings, to changes in the microbiome. It's been concluded that cravings and even acquired tastes is a result of signals from microorganisms in

Oral Health- it's impact on your overall health and how to naturally boost it

Health should be holistic- meaning that every aspect of a persons health should be considered. An area which is often overlooked is oral health, and the impact that it has on the rest of the body. Many studies have shown that the impact of oral health on the rest of the body is vast. The digestive tract in particular can be greatly impacted. Gut bacteria has been found to be lowered in people that have poor dental and periodontal health. There is a greater presence of bad bacteria in these people's digestive tract as well. A study has also been done that links poor oral health with an increased risks of oesophageal cancer. Several studies have also been able to link oral hygiene, health a

Hay Fever & Diet- How you can help yourself this season

So spring is upon us, but unfortunately so is hay fever season. The warmer weather is lovely and the flowers that are blooming, even more so. But add is the wind and you have a recipe for disaster if you suffer from hay fever. While an antihistamine might work great, it is really just having a bandaid approach to hay fever symptoms. There are many things that can be done to reduce the severity of your symptoms. There are even some super easy things that you can start doing now, and it all comes down to your diet. Include a few things, reduce a few things and you’re well on your way to be able to leave the house without the dreaded tissues and antihistamine in tow. THINGS TO INCLUDE IN YOUR

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