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How negative thoughts impact your digestion

Food guilt is a real thing. It often comes after smashing that box of biscuits or that block of chocolate in record time. But what about negative thoughts about the food you haven't even eaten yet? I'm talking about the thoughts that present themselves when you sit down to a big bowl of pasta, that piece of cake or that amazingly delicious dish your better half has lovingly prepared for you that contains all of the things you wouldn't dream of eating for dinner. The feeling of dread, the feeling of 'I'm going to have to do X amount of exercise to work this off, or just the general feeling of 'I shouldn't be eating this'. Now I understand I am not talking to everyone, but I can guarantee ther

The vagus nerve and the gut.  The game changer.

We are often told that our stress can impact our health, in particular our digestion. But what do we mean when we say it impacts it? How does it do it exactly? The more you understand about the role that stress has within the body the better chances you will have at identifying it when it does occur and combatting it faster, so that it doesn't have long lasting effects on the body. The vagus nerve is a cranial nerve reaching from the brain down the spine and innervating many different organs and systems within the body. We often refer to the vagus nerves tone, is it is strong or weakened? Lowered vagal tone is linked with conditions such as inflammatory states, depression, poor mood regulat

Vegan cauliflower and potato curry

The weather is getting cooler, and so naturally we start to look for foods that are going to warm us up. Curries are the perfect thing for this as thespices involved are often warming and fantastic for promting circulation. This recipe is winner for everyone, gluten free, dairy free and vegan/vegeterian. So if you have 'that friend' coing for dinner who is impossible to cook for, you can't go wrong with this cauliflower and potato curry. Ingredients 2 potatoes – peeled and cut into cubes 1/2 cauliflower floret – roughly chopped 1 brown onion – diced 4 garlic cloves – minced 1 nob of garlic – peeled and grated 1 can of chickpeas 1 can on coconut milk 1 cup of vegan/vegetarian stock 2 tsp tu

Morning routines – Review of the 5 am club by Robin Sharma

In this book, the 5 am club; Robin Sharma reveals how to transform your life told through the creative story told throughout the book, aiming to inspire people all over the world to make positive changes for their health. Its principles are based around calibrating your biology in the first hour of waking to provide the energy, cognitive focus, creativity and productivity for the rest of your day. He emphasizes the practices needed to connect with your “inner hero” and higher wisdom. The following are the three key areas Sharma belives to participate in the first hour of your day. Sweat By moving first thing in the morning, you open yourself up to the amazing benefits that have been backed u

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