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Geelong Naturopath 


Sana - Latin word for Healthy 

The Sana Collective was founded by Karah McLaren towards the end of 2018.  Karah has built up the practitce locally in Geelong, Ocean Grove and Bannockburn over the last 5 years under the name Karah McLaren Naturopath before opening The Sana Co. 

2 things drove The Sana Co to fruition. 

1. The need for targetted Naturopathic treatment within our societies health care model. Ensuring that our practitioners have an area  of specialty is essential, becasue it allows them to be able to hone in and ensure that every aspect of your condition is being considered. 

And while the need for targeted naturopathic medicine is important, the Sana Co emphasizes the use of 'Food as Medicine', meaning that we only use supplements when needed, and the rest of the time we focus on dietary analysis and alteration. 

2. Karah wanted to create a space of Naturopaths to be employed and supported.  You will find that every team member is a bachelor degree (or in their final year of study) and we have a focus on continued education, from a clinical perspective as well as personal development.

We are driven to ensuring that this education is passed on to our clients.  As practitioners we need to talk and the talk and walk the walk when it comes to health, so making sure that we are putting our best foot forward is the best way to ensure that we can continue providing exceptional healthcare to you, our clients, long term!