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Geelong Naturopath 


Karah graduated from Southern School of Natural Therapies with a Bachelor of Health Science Naturopathy.

With a keen interest in treating digestive complaints, Karah founded Karah Mclaren Naturopath in 2014 and since then has treated hundreds of people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), reflux, general bloating and digestive discomfort.  Educating coeliac sufferers after diagnosis and helping them with diet planning, is an area which Karah is passionate about.


Karah believes in the concept of ‘food as medicine’as part of her treatments, helping people obtain optimal health through ensuring they are consuming a diet that suits their needs.


Special area of interest: 

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Reflux (GORD) 


General digestive symptoms and conditions including crohns and ulcerative colitis

Karah McLaren

Head Naturopath & Director
BHSc Naturopath, ANTA member

Teresa completed her Naturopathy degree (Bachelor of Health Science) through Endeavour College of Natural Health in Melbourne, where she attained over 450 hours of Naturopathic practice in an established clinic. As a member of the Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA), Teresa strives to provide quality service through maintaining a continuously updated education in natural medicine.

Her lifelong interest in the human body alongside extensive hospitality experience lead to her passion of cooking food. After encountering her own transformation in health through natural medicine, Teresa was inspired to enlighten others and decided to delve into a career in Naturopathy.


Teresa has had a few close family members suffer with cancer and recently completed the 12-month intensive course Integrative Oncology in Practice sponsored by BioCeuticals.


Conditions of interest:

Teresa's biggest passion is treating chronic poor immune function and fatigued states.

Other areas of interest include:

Autoimmune conditions

Skin health

Children's health

Stress, anxiety and debilitated mental states

Food as medicine

Emotional blockages

Teresa Oddi

BHSc Naturopathy, ANTA member 163166

Tanika graduated from Southern School of Natural Therapies with a Bachelor of Health Science Naturopathy


Tanika recognizes that every person has a different story to tell which is why she endeavors to treat her clients as individuals and understand their unique health goals.


Tanika loves helping people address all areas of their health, although her greatest passion lies in helping individuals experiencing mental health issues. This includes; anxiety, depression, stress, PMS and sleep disturbances. 


As a Naturopath with a keen interest for mental health, Tanika also considers motivation and encouragement a fundamental part of her role and she is confident in inspiring and helping people to regain their health.


Tanika has also had extensive experience working with children and adults with mental health disorders and disabilities as a support worker and career.


Tanika believes that a healthy life does not have to be complicated. Getting back to basics and addressing diet and lifestyle is a core component of finding wellness and happiness.

With an integrative approach, uncovering the underlying cause of health concerns and establishing an individualized treatment plan, Tanika empowers individuals to take charge of their health and live the best version of themselves.

Tanika Hammond

BHSc Naturopathy, NHAA Member

Maree graduated from Souther School of Natural Therapes with a Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy.  

Over the years Maree Noonan has become particularly focussed on women’s health, which has been heavily influenced by her own personal struggle with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). She believes that all women should be treated as individuals, rather than simply viewed by their diagnosed condition. 

Maree believes in creating sustainable and achievable dietary and lifestyle treatment plans. To the best of her ability, she will work collaboratively with you to inspire positive change and work toward your ultimate health goals.

Special Area of Interest: 

Irregular menstruation

PCOS, Endometriosis, Fibroids

Couples (all types) or individuals wanting assistance with fertility preconception care and IVF support

-digestive health 
- mood disturbances: depression & anxiety 
- transition off the pill and iud 
- hormonal acne
- men’s health and fertility, low libido

Maree Noonan

BHSc Naturopathy, ANTA member 163166

Jess completed her Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) at Southern School of Natural Therapies.


Jess is deeply passionate about educating, supporting and empowering others to heal and rediscover good health. 


With a special interest in mental health, stress management, sleep and digestive disturbances, Jess believes in a patient-centred approach to wellness and will take the time to work with you to create the most effective and holistic treatment plan to improve your health


Jess's passion and expertise lies in assisting clients with:

  • Mental health – Anxiety, Depression

  • Mood disturbances

  • Stress management

  • Sleep

  • Digestive disturbances - Bloating, IBS, food intolerance

Jessica Neu

BHSc Naturopathy, ANTA Member

Jade is a final year Naturopathy student at the Southern School of Natural Therapies. She is currently practicing in the student clinic on their Fitzroy Campus. 

Her passion for human optimization and longevity is what lead me to commence the course, and she is thoroughly enjoying the wonderful knowledge opportunities that are available to her. 


She loves all things food, and is a big believer of the 20/80 rule - 20% of ‘fun foods’ for the soul, and 80% clean foods. A rich whole food diet has the potential to maximize health, preventing nutrient deficiencies and chronic diseases.


Jade is a contributor to the website and helps to create deliciously healthy recipes!

Jade Williams

 Online content Creator
Final Year Naturopathy Student