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Karah McLaren
BHSc Naturopathy
Not currently taking new patients 

Karah graduated from Southern School of Natural Therapies with a Bachelor of Health Science Naturopathy.

With a keen interest in treating digestive complaints, Karah founded Karah Mclaren Naturopath in 2014 before opening the Sana Co in mid 2018.  In her time in private practice she has treated hundreds of people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), reflux, general bloating and digestive discomfort.  


Karah believes in the concept of ‘food as medicine’ as part of her treatments, helping people obtain optimal health through ensuring they are consuming a diet that suits their needs.


Special area of interest: 

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

  • Reflux (GORD) 

  • Bloating 

  • SIBO

  • General digestive symptoms and conditions including crohns and ulcerative colitis

Tanika Hammond 
BHSc Naturopathy

Tanika graduated from Southern School of Natural Therapies with a Bachelor of Health Science Naturopathy


Tanika recognises that every person has a different story to tell which is why she endeavours to treat her clients as individuals and understand their unique health goals.

As a Naturopath with a keen interest for mental health, Tanika also considers motivation and encouragement a fundamental part of her role and she is confident in inspiring and helping people to regain their health.

Tanika has also had extensive experience working with children and adults with mental health disorders and disabilities as a support worker and career.

Tanika believes that a healthy life does not have to be complicated. Getting back to basics and addressing diet and lifestyle is a core component of finding wellness and happiness.

With an integrative approach, uncovering the underlying cause of health concerns and establishing an individualised treatment plan, Tanika empowers individuals to take charge of their health and live the best version of themselves.

Tanika loves helping people address all areas of their health however, special areas of interest include: 

- Mental health and mood disorders; stress, anxiety, depression and OCD 
- Fatigue, sleep disturbances, headaches/ migraines 
- Womens health; including PMS, irregular mensuration, and vaginal health (recurrent thrush and bacterial vaginosis,) 
- Diet and nutrition- providing education around eating right for your body or health condition. Specialised nutrition consultations include; dietary analysis, nutritional testing, recipe and meal suggestions/ plans. 
- Disordered eating behaviours (Tanika holds a certificate in clinical training for eating disorders)

Maree Noonan
BHSc Naturopathy

Maree graduated from Southern School of Natural Therapies with a Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy.  

Maree is our resident PCOS specialist, and is extremely passionate about women’s health, menstrual cycles, fertility and pregnancy. Maree’s love for this area of health has been heavily influenced by her own personal struggle with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and by the recent birth of her son Raphael. Maree also has a strong interest in gut health and nervous system health and believes that all systems are intrinsically linked and looks outside the box to see how these systems may affect your hormones. 

Maree strives to find YOUR underlying root causes or driving force to your health, menstrual and or fertility struggles, and strives to do this through thorough case taking, testing, nutrition and herbal medicine.  To the best of her ability, Maree aims to work collaboratively with you, your GP and specialists and believes in an open-book approach to manage her cases.

Special Area of Interest: 

  • PCOS: insulin resistant, adrenal, post pill, inflammatory.

  • Irregular menstruation: heavy, painful, short, long. 

  • Transitioning off the oral contraceptives/devices

  • Fertility including preconception care. 

  • Pregnancy care

  • Endometriosis

  • Hormonal acne

  • Fibroids

  • Ovarian cysts

  • IVF, ICSI and ART support.

  • Menopause, perimenopause, early menopause

  • Men’s fertility and hormone health, low libido. 

Jessica Neu
BHSc Naturopathy

Jess completed her Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) at Southern School of Natural Therapies.

Jess is deeply passionate about educating, supporting and empowering others to rediscover good health. Jess believes in a patient-centred approach to wellness and will strive to understand your health goals and work with you to create the most effective and sustainable treatment plan to improve your health.

Jess enjoys working with all conditions and ages, however her special interests and expertise lies within treating Thyroid conditions, digestive conditions and mental health.


Special Area of interest:

  • Thyroid conditions- overactive, under active, Graves’ disease and Hashimotos’ and associated symptoms.

  • General digestive symptoms - bloating, food intolerances, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), parasites and SIBO

  • Digestive conditions - Coeliac disease, IBD (Crohn’s)

  • Mental health and mood disorders – Anxiety, Depression, stress

Teresa Oddi
BHSc Naturopathy

Teresa completed her Naturopathy degree (Bachelor of Health Science) through Endeavour College of Natural Health in Melbourne. Teresa strives to provide quality service through maintaining a continuously updated education in natural medicine.

Teresa has always been fascinated by how the human body functions, and knew it was the right career path for her when she delved into natural medicine herself as a client.
She has had experience in managing conditions either for herself or in close family members relating to skin, low immunity, ongoing fatigue, mental health and cancer support (prevention post recovery). After completing her degree Teresa also completed the 12 month intensive course Integrative Oncology in Practice by Bioceuticals.

Special area of interest:
- Acne (including whilst on the mirena or doxycycline)
- Perioral dermatitis
- Eczema
- Fatigue
- Low immunity
- Irregular menstrual cycles
- Anxiety
- Genetic testing and supplement/dietary support from results

Jade Williams 
BHSc Naturopathy

Jade completed her Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) at Southern School of Natural Therapies.


You may have seen Jade's friendly face around the Sana Co. clinic, as she was one of the original employees working alongside Karah and the other Naturopaths on administration and as the blog and recipe curator for our online presence.


In the later years of her studies, she took particular interest in the areas of women's reproductive and children's health after luckily gaining an internship in a leading natural fertility clinic and working closely alongside inspiring naturopaths in the field. 


Now, as a Naturopath, Jade's goal in her practice is to empower women to embrace their bodies sacred natural rhythm. She aims to eliminate any aliments that disrupt the cyclic flow by identifying and addressing any hormonal imbalances or lifestyle factors that may be present. Ultimately she hopes to enable consistent symptom-free menstrual cycles for her patients. 


Her ethos is based on leaving a 'no stone left unturned' approach, ensuring that all aspects of one's health are incorporated. Balance is another core value of Jade's as she attempts to provide the foundations in her client's lives for long-lasting changes.  


She's here to help you with:

  • Menstrual health (PMS, irregular cycles, painful periods)

  • PCOS

  • Endometriosis

  • Infertility (looking at both Men and Women)

  • Pregnancy support (including preconception and postpartum)

  • Teenage Health (irregular cycles, heavy/painful periods, anxiety)

  • Menopause

  • Children's Health (behavioural issues, eczema, asthma, dietary advice)