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Leaky Gut- The Basics Revisited & The Science To Support It

Most people have heard of "Leaky Gut", and to be honest, for a long time it was a bit of a Naturopath Buzz word. But in todays society, more than ever before, it appears to be more relevant than ever. You've heard of Leaky Gut...but what the heck does it mean? Leaky gut refers to the when the lining of the gut wall essentially pulls apart, forming tiny holes and making the gut wall permeable or 'leaky' The impact that this has on health is that as food particles, wastes and toxins are travelling through the digestive tract to be cleared by the body, they are able to be absorbed through the 'leaky' gut wall and make their way into the bloodstream. From here the immune system identifies these

Herbs and Stress Management- the hidden secret for getting your ZEN on!

Are you stressed? If the answer is yes then skip down a paragraph. If you answered no, then read on. Do you have any of the below symptoms? Trouble sleeping Poor memory Low concentration Low energy Brain fog Anxiety Poor immune system Accident prone Emotional If you answered yes to any of these then there is a good chance you are stressed, and even though you may not feel like you are, your body is telling you otherwise. Stress is becoming the norm in modern society, with deadlines, the concept of ‘we must be busy’ and juggling work, social life, family duties, it all becomes a lot to handle. And it is ok to put your hand up and say I am not coping. In many cases it is our bodies which gi

Mary Rose’s garden salad

Ingredients - 200g garden peas - 300g sugar snapped peas - One stock cube - ¾ cup quinoa - 1 cup of mint leaves - 100g Greek feta - 400g pumpkin (cubed) - 50g chopped almonds - Salt For the dressing - ¼ cup lemon juice - ¼ cup olive oil - 2 teaspoons of Dijon mustard - ¼ cup apple cider vinegar Method - Mix the salad dressing ingredients in a small bowel - Bring a large pot to a boil with a pinch of salt, then add both peas in and cook for 2 minutes. - In another pot, bring 1-1½ cups of water to a boil with the stock cube and quinoa. Reduce to a simmer and cook until the quinoa is tender. - Add the dressing to the peas, mint, and quinoa to s

An insight into the Freshwater creek biodynamic farming

This week I ventured out to the biodynamic heart of Geelong - Freshwater Creek. Located 17km south west of Geelong, bustling with the sounds of the vibrant local wildlife, I could soon see why local Mary-Rose Coleman calls this tranquil place home. “It’s my happy place. I feel like I belong out here.” Spanning over 60 acres, Mary-Rose has achieved a great deal here over the years since purchasing the land 22 years ago, planting thousands of trees around the property, successfully lobbying for the Steiner school and creating a vital wetland and a constant evolving biodynamic farmland. As we wandered the property eating the delicious produce along the way, I was exposed to the many elements of

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