How Naturopathic medicine can help with your child’s health

I think as we get older and we have more stressors, responsibilities, exposure to different toxins and dietary changes etc. we find ourselves dealing with health issues that we previously didn’t have – which is quite common from that age group of late teens leading into early adulthood. Every now and then I get the odd client who’s had a very extensive health history as a child and teenager (myself included). This could encompass recurrent infections that needed antibiotics every time, eczema, asthma, attention deficit disorders, poor immunity. Quite often, some of these can cause issues later down the track as an adult during times of stress or some things just “haven’t felt right since”. I used to be prone to tonsillitis and ear infections all the time as a kid and teenager, needing antibiotics almost every time. I also remember having lots of nightmares and paranoia during the night time. Both these things now I think I’d confidently know how to manage these issues so children and parents didn’t have to just put up with them. How we can help your children’s health: - Low immunity (recurrent infections) - Recurrent night terrors - General anxiety (this may also present with bed wetting) - Behavioural and concentration problems - Digestive issues - Eczema and asthma Children are so vital so you would be surprised how quickly they can respond to changes in some dietary and lifestyle practices, as well as the use of some nutritional and herbal medicines – and yes we can make these palatable for them! As getting blood tests done in kids is less of an option like adults, other methods of doing some testing could include mouth swabs for genetic testing, and looking at physical signs like the tongue, nails, iris. You never know, what you do now for them could change the outcome of their future health concerns!

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