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Raspberry Coconut Spring Popsicles

With the sun starting to peep out from behind the clouds, the foods that we are drawn to also start to shift.

These beautiful fresh popsicles are the perfect 'treat' packs with plenty of good fats and antioxidants they will keep you feeling full, as well we refreshed.


· 6 popsicle trays/moulds

· 1 ½ cups of tinned coconut cream

· 1 cup of fresh raspberries

· 1 tbs of chia seeds

· 1 tbs of roughly chopped mint leaves

· 2 tbs of maple syrup


1. Blend coconut cream, chia, maple syrup and mint leaves in a blender for a few seconds.

2. In the place of the mould half of raspberries at the bottom

3. Pour coconut mixture over the raspberries, filling about ¾ way full.

4. Place remaining raspberries on top ensuring they are submerged in the mix

5. Set for a minimum of 6 hours in the freezer.

6. Carefully pull out popsicles and enjoy!

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