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4-5 small zucchinis – grated into 4 cups

1 can of corn kernels

1 cup of spring onions finely chopped

1 teaspoon of minced garlic

1 ¼ cup of besan (chickpea) flour

1 tsp of cumin

½ tsp of curry powder

1 tsp thyme

Salt and pepper

Avocado to serve

To Serve:

- Amazing with cashew dip or a dairy-free dill sauce with avocado

- Eggs and your favourite breakfast foods.


1. Combined the grated zucchinis in a large bowl (don’t worry if the mixture is wet, the flour will soak it up) with the onions, garlic, spices, flour salt and pepper.

2. Stir through and allow to sit for a few minutes to allow it to soak through to create the batter

3. Warm a non-stick frypan to medium.

4. Depending on your desired fritter size, scoop parts of mixture onto the pan, cooking for 4 mins each side or until browned. *I made these for a large group so I scooped 1-2 tbs of the mixture for smaller fritters. For larger, I would aim for ¼ cup. No more than that or it will take to long to cook through.

5. Serve with avocado and dip of choice.

6. Enjoy!

ade is a final year naturopathy Student at Southern School of Natural Therapies. She is currently seeing patients from the student clinic at their Fitzroy campus.

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