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It's OK to relax your food rules

Food has so many aspects to it. So when I discuss food with clients it isn’t as simple as eat this because its good for you or avoid this because it’s bad for you.

Food not only is a fuel source for our bodies, but in our society food has a big social and emotional component to it as well.

We bond over food, we show love by cooking for friends and family and we make memories over meals with loved ones.

We can also attach emotions to food. I’m eating this to make me feel better, or I’m hating myself for eating this.

There is so much information available that it is easy to get overwhelmed when reading up about how to treat your body well. Eat this because it has this benefit, but another text says that the same food is unhealthy for you because it does this to the body.

From this contradicting information frustration occurs, and the end result is that you don’t enjoy any of the food that you’ve prepared yourself because you just don’t know if what you’re eating is good or bad for you.

We can all (myself included) get so caught up with things being wheat free, dairy free, sugar free, paleo, low fodmap, low carb- you get the point. And if your body definitely can’t deal with a particular food such as gluten I am not suggesting that you ignore your body and start eating gluten- trust me, you will not feel better. But if these rules are something that you have imposed upon yourself, I ask you to relax a little bit. If you do have some red wine and cake on the weekend with your partner or best friend, don’t beat yourself up over it. Enjoy it! And everything that comes with it, the laughs and the memories.

A simple message for today but one that I think is very important.

ENJOY YOUR FOOD. Because your body (and your mind) will enjoy it much more and get a greater benefit from it.

Sometimes we all need a little bit of help- Book your consultation online now!

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