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3 Go-To For Immune Boosters This Winter

If the flu shot isn’t your jam, or you just want to know how to boost your immune system naturally, below I have complied my 3 go-to supplements I use when the weather gets colder and the bugs start to get passed around.

Some general rules for boosting your immune system naturally:

  1. Drink lots of water! The more the better, just keep flushing the body to help support general immune function, especially when the immune system is under stress.

  2. Rest is underrated. Rest rest and more rest. Miss the gym, skip the night out with friends, leave the office at a reasonable time and get some rest!

  3. The sooner you get onto the below supplements the better they work. So being really aware of what your body is doing is important for getting on top of whatever you might be fighting.

A combined Vitamin C & Zinc

An old but a goody, vitamin C has been shown to reduce the duration of an infection and loading up with a big does of zinc along side it helps as well.

As soon as you feel a sniffle coming on then get into a combined Vitamin C and zinc supplement to help battle any signs of infection - bacterial or viral.

Zinc is an often forgotten nutrient for immune function, but it is just as important, if not more important than vitamin C. Zinc supplementation also helps to manage immune function long term as well as acutely.

My favourite go-to product is a powdered form of vitamin C and zinc such as Biocieticals ultra potent C or herb of Gold Zinc Forte plus C.

Tissue Salts

There are a product that you may not be aware of, but boy will they change your life!

These tissue salts are minute doses of nutrients, which signal to the cells to uptake for those specific nutrients. The sooner you get onto these the better, so as soon as you feel anything coming on its time to jump into these tiny little tablets.

The Schussler tissue salts are the most common on the market, and in terms of immune function I always keep the ‘glandular tonic’ in the medicine cupboard.

The secret is to CHEW these and lots when its in the acute stage. I will chew 1 every 1/2 hour when you can feel a sore throat of blocked nose coming on and generally, this will stop it right in its tracks. If you miss the initial stage of the cold/flu then its still not to late to - just start taking them for the first few days of the infection until symptoms start to improve.

Immune boosting herbs

Herbs are such great remedies for immune boosting and can really help to shorten the duration and severity of the cold/flu. I will also ways have some form of herbal immune mix in the medicine cupboard. They can be a great preventative precaution, but then in higher doses can really help to combat the sniffles.

The main herbs that you want to look for are echinacea, olive leaf extract and astragalus and andrographis

While there are so many different immune boosting herbs if you look for a mix with these in it you will be in good hands.

My favourite products are Fusion Health Astra 8 or Bioceuticals Armaforce.

Keep the dose on the lower side for a preventative approach, and then if you feel a sickness coming on increase the dose to the higher level is the best approach.

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