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The tongue really can hold a lot of information about what is going on inside the body, and the appearance of the tongue changes all the time. It can give us some insight into what nutritional deficiencies may be occurring, or how an overall system is functioning.

People are often shy to show their entire tongue, but it really does help put the pieces of your health all together. It's a great way that you yourself can also tell what is going on inside your body, allowing you to self correct things before an imbalance occurs within the body.

There are many differing opinions between modalities as to what tongue signs indicate, so I have only included the ones that I see regularly reflected in my clinical practice. And I don’t believe that it should be used as a diagnosis tool, rather looking at it more to back up what symptoms have been presented, as well as pointing out areas of weakness within the body that may cause issues later down the track if not corrected sooner.


When looking at any sort of coating on the tongue it can relate back to the health of your gut. Sometimes you can see a yellow or white coating, sometimes it can be very thick or just a thin layer. It can be indicative of good but bacteria levels ( or lack there of), constipation, diarrhoea or just sluggish digestion in general.


Seeing tiny little pink spots, looking almost like strawberry seeds on a strawberry, can be indicative of magnesium levels. If there has been periods of high stress and you can see these small spots quite predominant on the tongue, then increasing your magnesium intake through foods may prove helpful. Increasing nuts, seeds, cacao among other things like wholegrains and eggs.


B vitamins, in particular B12 is needed to be looked at. Periods of high stress can cause B vitamin levels to be reduced, so supporting stress levels, while increasing B group vitamin intake through foods such as wholegrains and green leafy vegetables is imprint during these times.


When you poke your tongue out and your tongue is quivering then addressing magnesium levels is important. As mentioned magnesium levels can be lowered during periods of high stress or physical exertion.


If your tongue is red, swollen, beefy looking and sore, then it’s with getting your iron levels tested. Low iron has been associated with this tongue appearance.

So go on, poke your to tongue out, look in the mirror and have a look. if you look at it often enough you will start to notice how frequently it changes, and what may be going on inside your body.

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