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3 Rules to Buying the Best Supplements

Supplements come in many different shapes and sizes.

There are so many different types of supplement on the market now it can get very overwhelming with whats good and whats not so good.

In order to get the full benefit of supplements its essential to choose the best form of the nutrient that you’re supplementing with.

Otherwise you really are just flushing money down the toilet.

Below are 3 rules to follow when buying supplements. Follow these 3 rules and you can’t go wrong!

1. If the value is to good to be true- it probably is

High quality products are more expensive for that exact reason- the quality of the supplement as a whole is superior to other products. Take fish oil for example- because it is so prone to oxidation and turning rancid the processing of the fish oil is a very important aspect of the supplement. When you see 200 capsules advertised for $9.95 you can almost bet that the oil has been highly processed, meaning that it is exposed to more air and more oxidation has occurred. The purity is also an issue with fish oils, you will be paying a little bit more for a pure fish oil, which will have lower amounts of heavy metals like mercury as well, making it the better option.

The bottom line- if it seems like a cheap buy- it will probably be a cheap product.

2. Get educated with what forms of nutrients you need to have, and need to avoid.

Now this is where a bit of research comes in handy. But trust me, its worth it! Every nutrient on the market comes in various forms- ie. magnesium citrate- magnesium oxide, ascorbic acid- calcium ascorbate.

You want to buy the best absorbed form of that particular nutrient. If you are buying a supplement and it has a poorly absorbed form of the nutrient then the chances are that it will be a cheap supplement cost wise because these forms are relatively inexpensive to produce.

Quick tip: anything in the form of an ‘oxide’-Avoid.

Through your research you should also get an idea of how it is best taken- tablet, capsule or powder- and the time lot day - with or without food.

Granted this is the hardest part to find out- so if you have a health care practitioner who is well versed in nutritional medicine like a Naturopath or Nutritionist then it is best to check with them- as they will be able to give you the most accurate information.

3. Check for fillers and excipients.

Always read the fine print on what you are taking. Often there can be added fillers which can sometimes make up a large proportion of the supplement itself. They can also add in things like lactose, dairy and even sugars, so making sure that you read the back panel is very important.

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