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What to expect from your Naturopathic appointment

If you've been thinking of seeing a Naturopath for a little while but not quite sure what to expect then we have you covered. Below I've outlined exactly what to expect when you have your Naturopathic appointment with us at The Sana Co, so you feel fully informed and excited to start your health journey with us!

You will always start with an initial consultation, and this goes for an hour. It is a comprehensive appointment where we gather ALL of your past medical history and get an idea of your current state of health as well as just how your diet and lifestyle habits will be influencing it as well. I will often joke to clients saying we will be very well acquainted by the end of our first session, because we ask it all! We encourage our clients to share openly with us, as there is no such thing as TMI in a Naturopathic consult. As we believe that every system within the body is interconnected we want to know about the super random symptoms you've been experiencing, even if you don't know if it will be relevant.

As we all have areas of clinical interest prior to your first appointment you may have seen our website and read up on our practitioners and have chosen a practitioner that you feel willl be best able to help you achieve your health. Or you may have called the clinic to book your appointment and our reception staff and practitioners will have been able to assist you with who would of been best suited to assist you with your ailment. We find this part of our service so so important, we want to pair you with the most appropriate practitioner for you, in order for you to receive the very best care. We often work collaboratively within the clinic as well, offering packages that means you can work with 2 of our practitioners at once, this is especially useful if you have a lot of health issues that needs addressing at once.

Towards the end of your initial consultation your practitioner may prescribe some supplements, some simple diet and lifestyle changes. They may also ask for further testing to be done, either through your GP or privately to help us get to the bottom of your symptoms. Naturopathy is all about treating the CAUSE of your symptoms, not just removing your symptoms. This testing can be an extra cost, but trust us, it will see you money in the long run if we can get clear answers early on in your treatment.

Your next consultation will be 30-45min in length and this is often used to go through tests that have been sent for after your initial consultation, as well as seeing how you've gone with the diet and lifestyle changes and recapping any major symptoms that you presented with and how they are progressing. Think of this appointment as setting you up for the your health journey ahead. Now is the perfect time to ask your practitioner any question about the treatments they are prescribing or about the test results and how they impact your current state of health. We love questions, because we want to make sure you understand exactly what is going on in your body and what we are doing to help correct it. There is no such thing as a silly question in the clinic.

From here we space your appointments our anywhere from an appointment every 3-6 weeks. At the start of treatment we may see you more regularly and then space it out as we progress. Throughout these appointments we may see slight changes to your treatment plan, as you make changes we will often build of those changes and make more suggestions of what could help your health. We like working like this so that initial changes don't seem overwhelming. Our goal is to always have you off supplements, we don't like keeping you on supplements long term, as we believe that your diet should be able to sustain your health. Of course this isn't always possible, but we all pride ourselves in education. Ideally we want you to be able to keep your health on course by noticing the signs that your health is going off course again and you know exactly how to correct this to bring everything back into balance.

Above all else, we require one major thing from our clients. A willingness to change. If you aren't willing to make changes to your diet or current routine, it makes it very hard for us to get results. Because unfortunately, it is more often than not these habits and routines that have contributed to your current state of health.

So if you are ready to make some changes and ready to take control of your health, we are keen to help you! Book your appointment now by clicking HERE of see which practitioner would be your best fit by clicking HERE


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