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Vitamin D & your Fertility - What you need to know

It’s astonishing to realise how important having optimal vitamin D is in the fertility and

pregnancy space. Clinically, our aims are 90-120nmol/L.

Optimising your vitamin D can have positive effects on:

  • Egg quality

  • Endometrial receptivity

  • Pregnancy rates

  • Live birth rates

  • Premature ovarian insufficiency

  • Endometriosis

  • PCOS

  • Reducing risk miscarriage

Do you know what your vitamin D levels are?

Do you know if they’ve been tested?

Ask for your results from your practitioner/GP next time you're there.

Note, you will be considered 'fine' anywhere above 50 nmol/L! Vitamin D Deficiency

technically starts below 50nmol/L. Given the information above, it makes sense to optimise

this if you’re wanting to conceive.

Vitamin D dosing can be tricky, so I recommend talking to someone who's good with

nutrition. After a period of , it’s important to re-test too, to make sure your levels are

responding to the supplemental regime you're on, and if they're not, asking the question

why? Do you have an issue with dosage/absorption/or need a different form or extra



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