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Why genetic testing might be your answer!

I’m sure we all know people (or even ourselves) that have an abundance of health conditions that run in their family, or they themselves have struggled long term with something. It can be easy to think that we’re naturally going to acquire these conditions over time and we’re helpless in preventing this. But I’ve written this blog to put the word out there that this is so untrue, being the optimist I am I’m such a believer in preventative medicine… hence being a naturopath. But since delving into genetic testing on myself and clients, wowee has it opened my eyes even more in seeing what a massive role nutritional medicine has on our health. Genetic DNA testing I think has a particular importance for people who have LOTS going on with their health, which sometimes as a practitioner can be quite overwhelming in knowing where to start first. Any kind of testing is great for looking at what’s going on inside the body instead of poking around with different avenues until you find the things that work. But genetic testing is literally your body’s genetic makeup; what you were born with and what you’re going to live with forever, those results don’t change like other testing results might. With this information you can then focus on what your specific needs are as an individual and tailor your lifestyle, diet and overall health orientation towards that and prevent it from developing into future issues. Seeing these results isn’t about stressing you out of what may or may not be to come, it’s about being proactive in your health and improving your quality of life, as well as understanding your body more.

The company that we go through for our DNA testing has a few different profiles; detoxification, hormones and fertility, methylation (B vitamins), mood and cognition, nutrigenomic or a combination of all 5 profiles – great for those who have a big health history. As we talk all the time about how everyone is so different, this is a prime investigation to see what your needs are. Some people have been low in iron or B12 their whole life for example, and as much as they’ve tried to increase these in their diet; blood tests are still coming back as low or it’s contributing to symptoms like ongoing fatigue. Some people are very easily affected by alcohol, or respond quite negatively to hormonal contraceptive measures, or have suffered from long term mental health conditions that even prescription medications haven’t improved for. The list can go on in what this test can reveal, but these are a few examples that so many of us can relate to. From this as a naturopath, we can see what body systems need extra support and what nutritional genes have variations in them, meaning the person has a higher need for that nutrient. There is so much information out there about health and what is and isn’t good for you, but it’s very independent. Don’t let it overwhelm you, just know what YOUR specific needs are because it’s never one size fits all with health.

Teresa Oddi is a degree qualified Naturopath with a special interest in treating skin conditions, immune conditions such as autoimmune disease and allergies as well as fatigued states. She is available for consultations Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. To book your appointment with Teresa click HERE

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