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Jess Menzel

Naturopath | Genitourinary Health Specialist


Jess is a degree qualified naturopathic practitioner with a passion for helping her clients achieve optimal health and wellbeing. 


She believes that our physical, mental and emotional health are all interconnected and that optimal health and vitality can only be achieved once these things are in balance. Jess works collaboratively with her clients, providing personalised support and education to empower them to achieve their health goals.


Jess' special interest areas include:


  • Genitourinary health (UTI's, vaginal conditions or infections)

  • Cardiovascular health

  • Stress management

  • Sleep issues

  • Vegan/plant based lifestyle support

  • Healthy ageing


Jess uses a combination of evidence based herbal and nutritional medicine - including quality supplementation, lifestyle coaching, flower essence therapy, functional testing and other tools, to holistically address a variety of health issues and promote vitality and longevity.


Jess graduated with a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) from Endeavour College of Natural Health in 2019.

Resources by Jess 

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