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Sienna Mihaly 

Clinical Nutritionist 


Sienna completed her Bachelor of Health (Clinical Nutrition) at Southern School of Natural Therapies in Melbourne. Sienna is passionate about educating and empowering her clients with the knowledge and resources to take control of and improve their health & wellbeing. By considering all the contributing factors in their lives, Sienna works to address and correct the root cause of her clients health concerns, rather than simply treating their symptoms. 


Whilst food can be a powerful tool to nurture our bodies, Sienna understands that our health encompasses so much more than just what we eat. Personalised recommendations for her clients seek to improve energy, balance mood, support gut & skin health, correct nutrient deficiencies and protect against chronic disease. Simple, sustainable changes can make the world of different to health, and Sienna works with her clients to seamlessly implement these changes into their lives to optimise health & wellbeing. 


Areas of interest include:

  • Energy & fatigue

  • Optimising sleep 

  • Gut health & digestion

  • Mental health including mood, stress, anxiety & depression 

  • Skin health including acne & eczema 

  • Immune support

  • Weight management 

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