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Improve your Skin

Bare Skins

Skin conditions are one of the most common things we see in our clinic.  From contact and peri oral dermtatitis to chronic acne, we see it all. Our clients have often tried multiple different topical treatments as well as many traditional forms of medicine including but exclusively the use of antibiotics.

Our most common skin conditions we see include: 


Eczema and dermatitis 

Peri oral dermatitis 





We work with our clients to find the root cause of their chronic skin conditions so that they can can be managed long term, a lot of the time with minimal intervention from supplements or medications.  


Abby Dolphin


Introducing The Sana Co Skin Clinic 

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Naturopath Teresa Oddi specialises in skin conditions and has developed a number of of products to help keep your skin happy.  


Her secrets of skin Ebook which outlines her Naturopathic principles for getting glowing skin from the inside out, as well as sharing her secrets that she has learnt while treating hundreds of people with skin complaints 

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