Healthy Food

Personalised Nutrition Program 

The choice of the food we consume is one of the few things we can control when it comes to our health. Nutrition plays a pivotal role in our health and wellbeing, it can either be supportive and nourishing or damaging to our body. 
Have you ever wished to get more out of your diet? 


Have you ever wanted to know, that the food you are choosing to eat is suited for your body and your health? 
Do you wish that you had more education around what the best food options to eat are? 


We believe that education is one of the most important means of empowerment, helping you make long term positive decisions around your diet and health rather than getting swept up in short diet fads. 


These 2 consultations will be personalised for you- based on your current food intake, personal goals and health complaints. You will be provided with education about the current food you are consuming as well as any dietary changes recommended. Personalised recipes, meal ideas and resources will be provided to give you more guidance and inspiration.

Consultation details (inclusions): 

  • Pre-consultation questionnaire 

  • 2 consultations (1x 45minute, 1x 30 minute)

  • Dietary/ nutritional analysis based on current food intake and personal goals/ health complaints 

  • Dietary education and recommendations 

  • Recipe ideas and meal suggestions/ resources 

  • Nutritional testing (if required)

  • Cost $ 150.00

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