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Honour Wellness - Revitalise Superblend

Honour Wellness - Revitalise Superblend


Postpartum Replenishment
A wellness blend containing thoughtfully selected organic superfoods and adaptogenic herbs to assist in bringing replenishment and harmony to your mind and body during your postpartum recovery and motherhood journey. A highly potent formula designed to support the reduction of stress and fatigue that comes with postnatal depletion.


Potential Benefits
Postpartum recovery, energy and vitality, stress and anxiety relief, balanced hormones, milk supply, enhanced mood, sleep support.



Key Ingredients
Grass-fed beef liver- sustained energy & vitality 
Amla berry- immune system support & skin radiance 
Atlantic Kelp- hormone balance & hair health
Ashwagandha- stress, anxiety & sleep support
Holy Basil- mental clarity & mood balance


  • Ingredients

    Organic grass-fed, freeze-dried, beef liver powder, organic beetroot, organic apple, organic amla berry, organic ashwagandha, organic holy basil, organic Atlantic kelp, natural sweetener (steviol glycosides (from organic stevia leaf)

  • Directions

    Simply mix 6.5g (2 slightly rounded teaspoons) into 150ml of water or juice or add to your favourite smoothie. Stir well. Consume once daily.

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