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2 Weeks to Better Digestion

2 Weeks to Better Digestion


A 30 page E-book to get your digestion back on track!  


Karah has taken what she has learnt from treating hundreds of patients with digestive complaints and compiled it into an easy 2 week program for people like yourself!


A step by step guide developed by Naturopath, Karah McLaren that takes you through what is going on in your body, how diet plays a role and what remedies you can use to support your digestion to help ease symptoms.  


This guide is perfect for you if you suffer from: 



Reflux (GERD/GORD)



In the guide you get: 

-Simple remedy guide so you can bring your gut back into balance

-2 week meal plan

- Questionnaire so you can track your progress

- Diet and symptom tracker 

- Clear explanations about how your digestive system works, the more you understand the easier to change!

- Mindful eating guide


Begin to live the life that you know you can, without having to worry about what your digestive system is going to do or how the food that you're eating will impact your stomach! 



Getting on top of your digestion has never been easier!

Invest in your health today

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