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Reduce your stress and Anxiety





Stress is something that we all have, but it shouldn't be something that controls our lives.  We see stress manifest in many different forms in the clinic.   We help our clients improvetheir bodies abilioties to deal with stress through nutritional and herbal supplementation as well as addressing any nutritional deficiencies.  We also work with our clients to make any lifestyle changes that will help us deal with stess in the long term.  Together, with this multifaceted approach to health, our clients are able to keep on top of their stress and not feel the overwhelm that can be associated with stress, nor the impact on their health that can also accompany chronic stress.


In the morning our cortisol levels are supposed to be higher, giving us the energy to get out of bed and start our day, as the day progresses we should see a steady decline as our body winds down to prepare us for sleep.

When our adrenal glands become tired this pattern can switch, as the adrenal gland becomes almost unpredictable with its action.

In many people who are adrenally fatigued their cortisol levels will be low at the start of the day and elevated at the end of the day. This explains the severe fatigue in the morning and struggle to get out of bed, and then an inability to fall asleep at night. We call these people ‘wired, but tired’ types.


If your sleep is impacted, every aspect of your health will suffer.   We speak to our clients at length about the amount and quality of their sleep to get a thourough undertanding of how it may be impacting other aspects of their health such as stress and energy levels.  Treating the nervous system as a whole to improve sleep is key, becasue taking something to help you sleep is putting a band aid on the issue.  We neeed to calm the entire nervousstem down in order for optimal sleep to take place.  

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