Herbal Eczema Cream

Herbal Eczema Cream


Designed and created by Naturopath Teresa Oddi, this eczema cream is deisgned to calm and soothe dry and irrtitated skin.


Teresa's are of clincial expertise includes eczema and dermatits which has allowed her to perfect this formula with hundreds of clients that she has seen over the years.  


No chemicals or preservatives, it contains natural botanical ingredients which have traditionally been used for skin conditions for thousands of years. 


Your Herbal Eczema Cream contains active botanical ingredients including: 

- Chamomile

- Calendula 

- Chickweed 

- Marshmallow root. 

- Vitamin E (not strictly a botanical but this healing nutrient acts to aid repair, has an anti-infalmmatory activity and a natural antioxidant.  




"I am loving the product, it has helped with the bloating and Im actually finding I am having alot less cravings!!"


- Lynda

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